Smart Giving, From the Heart

Emily Williams

Emily Williams

It’s the perfect story of giving with both heart and head—and most certainly with a happy ending.

Since childhood, Emily Williams been connected to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where her sister had heart surgery at age 13. As a young nurse in the early 1960s, Emily worked the nightshift in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Now retired, Emily, 76, continues to delight in learning about what’s new at the hospital, including its Healthy Kids Express™ mobile vans.

“There are so many good things that Children’s Hospital does,” Emily says. “I can’t not contribute. I want to do everything to see the good now while I’m still alive.”

While she gives wholeheartedly, Emily also is a well-informed philanthropist, first educating herself on ways to give that not only benefit the causes she cares about but also meet her financial and charitable goals, at every phase of life.

That’s why, for the past several years, Emily has used the IRA charitable rollover provision to make an annual gift to the hospital. The rollover provision allows donors age 70½ or older to make tax-free gifts from their IRA, which can satisfy all or a portion of their required minimum distributions.

Also appealing? It’s easy to set up and Emily can direct the gift however and for whatever purpose she chooses. Most notably, she has directed a portion of the gift to support a scholarship in honor of a friend and nursing school classmate who also worked at Children’s Hospital.

“Emily is such a humble, thoughtful person,” says Malcolm Berry, chief development officer. “Her support has gone a long way in helping us continue to do what is right for children.”

Ever humble, always informed, Emily indeed gives with both heart and head, making her charitable giving count so much more.

Benefit From Giving

There are many opportunities and different ways to leave your lasting legacy at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. To learn more about programs that may interest you, contact the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation at 314.286.0988 or