Gift Honors Hospital 'Family'



When Lauren Broughton passed away at age 23, a large community grieved the passing of the woman known for her jokes and ability to beat the odds. Many of those mourners were nurses and doctors from St. Louis Children’s Hospital who had treated Lauren over the course of 21 years.

Lauren was born with a congenital heart condition and had a heart transplant when she was 10 weeks old at Children’s Hospital. She died of related complications in May 2016.

“The atmosphere in the hospital, the nurses and the doctors were just phenomenal,” says Lauren’s dad, Steve Broughton. “They became family to us.”

After Lauren’s passing, her parents made a gift to the hospital that will help future patients and their families.

“The annuity we gave was, of course, in honor of Lauren but also the honor we were given from the hospital,” says mother Gail Broughton. “We’re very blessed that we were able to do it.”

They used stock from Steve’s 38-year career with the United Parcel Service to fund a charitable gift annuity, which is a gift that provides you income in return.

“Children’s Hospital is such a great organization,” Steve says. “The money is well spent. Every year we spent a lot of time at the hospital. We saw so many people in need, and not only were we and Lauren treated wonderfully but also other families.”

The Broughtons encourage others to give to Children’s Hospital.

“You don’t appreciate the donations that you give until you have to live the experience yourself,” Steve says. “The annuity program that they have is phenomenal. You don’t have to have cash; you can use other assets to give and participate.”

Honor Someone Special

Like the Broughtons, you can make a gift that honors someone important to you and supports a program or service that helps kids just be kids, even when they are in the hospital. Contact the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation at 314.286.0988 or to learn more.