Heartfelt Care Will Always Be Remembered By the Fox Family

Kate and Ken Fox

Kate and Ken Fox

In the fall of 2004, Kate and Ken Fox received devastating news that their oldest son, Gregg, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor was successfully removed from his brain stem, and after five years, Gregg was released from the hospital’s care. Even though Gregg was no longer a patient, the exemplary, compassionate care offered at St. Louis Children's Hospital left a lasting impression on the entire Fox family.

When Kate and Ken retired and started a new chapter in their lives as empty-nesters, they decided to participate in a values-based estate planning process, a service offered to St. Louis Children's Hospital supporters. The service includes a confidential, comprehensive estate planning consultation at no charge and with no obligation.

Through a series of meetings with Michael Geis of Thompson & Associates, Kate and Ken captured their values and priorities, outlined their intentions and protected assets that would allow them to take care of their family while remembering the organizations they wanted to support. The process began with a questionnaire that helped Kate and Ken identify the values, dreams, goals, passions and people important to them, and how they want to be remembered.

Prior to meeting with Michael, Kate and Ken were not sure how to best provide for their children and still support the institutions they love, like St. Louis Children's Hospital. Now, they have a plan to reflect their key priorities.

“We always left feeling good about our conversations with Michael, and we made progress each meeting by understanding what we had accomplished and outlining the next steps,” says Ken.

Kate and Ken agreed that the step-by-step planning was beneficial. “It never felt overwhelming, even though there were big decisions to make,”says Kate.

Both Kate and Ken are thankful for the opportunity St. Louis Children's Hospital provided them as they planned for not only their future and their children’s future, but also for the future of the hospital that provided them much-needed answers during a difficult time.

“We’ll always be indebted to the individuals involved in Gregg’s care,” says Ken. “St. Louis Children's Hospital is an organization we want to support in the long run.”