Stars Society

Stars and children have long been symbols of hope. For the children and families served by St. Louis Children’s Hospital, that hope is most visible in the faces of the doctors, nurses and other staff members who care for the children who come through our doors. But there are others who quietly make a difference to these children, yet go unrecognized. Their foresight and planning have created legacies of hope that shine on children like the stars in the sky, turning compassion into action and transforming hope into healing. For these people who have chosen to share a portion of their life’s work with children, we have created the Stars Society.

Why Should You Reveal Your Charitable Legacy

By making a gift to Children’s Hospital in your will, estate plan, charitable trust or other planned gift, you become a Guardian of Childhood, demonstrating a commitment to transforming children’s health. Other people who know and respect you may follow your leadership, increasing the impact of your decision.

Should you choose to join us as part of the Stars Society, you will have opportunities to see first-hand how your gift will make a difference. One of these opportunities includes receiving exclusive invitations to learn about the most exciting developments in pediatric medicine. You will join others who share your values. You will provide a legacy for children, offering them a brighter and healthier future.

Contact Us

For more information about the Stars Society, please contact Carri Meyer at (314) 286-0979 or